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just jump out of the plane going mach 16 without a parachute u gigantic psycho-baby

This post was posted on Saturday, March 1st 2014
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    Replaying this last night. I forgot how much I love basic braining.
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Screenshots I take of whatever video games I feel like playing, there's lots of Elder Scrolls, but tons of other stuff too and so many glitches.
Warning this blog is not spoiler free!
Speaking of spoilers If yall spoil any of these games for me there will be hell to pay.
So far on this blog I have Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim (all DLC), Mass Effect, Saint's Row 4, The Walking Dead (one and two) Final Fantasy 7, Psychonauts, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, Pokemon Y, Dragon Age Origins, Bastion! More to come
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